Kavosh Kimia Kerman

Producer of Agricultural Pesticides

Insecticide, Acaricide, Fungicide, Herbicide, and ...

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Selected Products

Bordeaux Kimia Best Bordeaux with most reasonable price
Karvin Thiodicarb with SC formulation
Kimia Delta Deltamethrin without harmful solvents

ورود به سیستم نمایندگان

About us

With the mission of Producing Agricultural Pesticides, Kavosh Kimia Kerman was founded on March 1998 in Kerman, Iran. The plant construction started on Jan 1999 in Kerman No.2 industrial city. Production started on year 2000 with the pilot production of 1000ltr Andosolfan and on 2001, formulation lisence was aquired and official production started. Plant and equipment are all designed by our local experts in Iran. Our Goal is to offer high quality products and services with the most reasonable price to our dearest costumers.